• Your start-up in 6 months

    Graduate diploma in new business creation

    An online, learning-by-doing entrepreneurship postgraduate course where you are the innovator

  • Online entrepreneurship postgrad course

    Start with a project, exit with a start-up ready for pre-seed investment and a 36 ECTS graduate diploma in entrepreneurship from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 

    Module 1

    Is there a market for your solution?



    • Market research

    • Value proposition design

    • Simple business modelling


    • Lean entrepreneurship

    • Design thinking

    • Leadership

    • Project management

    Module 2

    Can you build and deliver?



    • Positioning

    • Prototyping

    • Value chain & operations


    • Go-to-market strategy

    • Product development

    • No-code tools for entrepreneurs

    • Impact and sustainable businesses

    Module 3

    Can you sustain a business?



    • Financial statements

    • Investment bid & equity proposition

    • Advanced business modelling


    • Growth strategies

    • Integrated business scaling

    • Intellectual property for new ventures

    Final sprint

    Investment readiness



    Business Plan

    • Map the road ahead
    • Prepare a pitch and written communication elements
    Finish line
    • Present to a jury made of UAB academics and Barcelona VC Funds




  • Learn Lean Startup by practicing on your own business idea

    Learn by making

    Build a real start-up


    Field-test it


    Learn from your own experience

    Your biz, your way

    Follow a business creation schedule, not an academic calendar


    Freely choose your project and your team

    Let mentors help

    Receive mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs as you progress


    You can bring in your own mentor!

    Make an impact


    Create a small business or the next unicorn, but create something you can proudly claim as yours

    Acquire new skills


    Data-driven decision-making

    Comfort with ambiguity

    (learn more)

    Online & team-based

    Online live training sessions 2-3h/day


    Collaborative teamwork on Slack & Mural

  • is learning-by-doing entrepreneurship the right study choice?

    This program is perfect for you if...

    • You’re a doer and you measure success from achievements
    • You have a business idea (small or big) and you need a little push to make it real
    • You are looking to develop highly valued soft skills for the digital era
    • You want to work in a venture capital company, an incubator, a public service dedicated to help new businesses, or any job related to innovation, intrapreneurship and digital transformation

    You should NOT apply if...

    • You learn better from lectures and readings and prefer to be assessed from exams
    • You are uncomfortable with teamwork and team evaluation
    • Your level of english makes high-level collaboration difficult
    • You are not prepared to commit half of your time during half a year
    • You are an entrepreneur with a validated value proposition and business model (this postgrad goes from zero to incubation / 1st investment)
  • Adriaan Landman

    Product Development instructor

    COO and co-founder of AllRead Machine Learning Technologies. Master in Corporate Communication and MBA. 10 years’ experience in Sales Management & Operations in the media and advertising sectors (France & Belgium). Joined the Mobile World Capital's “The Collider” technology transfer program in 2018 and launched AllRead MLT with his associates in march 2019 (Barcelona).

    Carolina Lauzen

    Design Thinking instructor

    I am an enthusiast of human-centered design and the innovation that can be fostered through the Design Thinking journey. I am used to working in multidisciplinary teams and environments: in well-structured, solid companies, as well as in startups. I am keen to help entrepreneurs acquire the tools and mindset of Design Thinking to turn disruptive ideas into feasible projects.

    Daniel Hires

    Global Impact & Sustainable Entrepreneurship instructor

    Daniel is an impact entrepreneur and expert on sustainability and social innovation. He co-founded MakeSense Berlin, a global community that has engaged 100K+ citizens to date in innovation for change. He has since advised and worked with public and UN institutions as well as companies, non-profits, communities and social entrepreneurs to create purpose-led business models, strategies, and experiences.

    Ed Gonsalves

    Head of module 3. Business Model Validation instructor

    Director at Cooplexity Institute and expert in entrepreneurial learning. I am especially interested in how playful learning design can boost businesses' efficiency in complex, uncertain, and changing environments. I design experiential learning programs for corporations and universities, mainly in the UK and Spain.

    Eva Fernandez Jordana

    Leadership instructor

    I am committed to the development of empowering leadership cultures based on trust, and collaborative relationships. I deeply believe in relationship systems intelligence as a source of effective leadership. I am used to working in large global organisations as well as start-ups and medium size companies. I enjoy managing complex projects and supporting organisations to navigate change effectively.

    Gabriel Izard

    Co-director, Go-to-Market Strategy instructor

    UAB professor and freelance economics teacher with a broad experience in corporate business, and in market development in multinationals as well as medium and small businesses. Expert in distribution channel organisation and fast moving consumer goods sector.

    Marc Àmbit

    Project Management instructor

    Project management consultant and trainer with 25 years of experience helping both private and public companies as long as entrepreneurs and startups to raise or improve their organizations. Oriented to help others reach excellence and fully deploy their potential as managers

    Sébastien Bauer

    Co-director & head of module 1. Lean Entrepreneurship instructor

    General manager at bawone.fr, an ethnic e-commerce. Associate teacher (entrepreneurship, social innovation, digital transformation). Mentor and consultant for start-ups, especially in ideation and pre-seed phase.

  • Tuition fee: 3.456€

    E.C.T.S: 36

    Title: Graduate Diploma in entrepreneurship

    Start date: 13 september 2021 - End date: 04 march 2022

    For more information and application conditions, visit the official university website or drop us an email

    Get in Touch with Sébastien


    or +34 622 597 339

  • Partners

    The Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development provides expertise in Experiential Learning, and assesses the pedagogical quality of this program

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